On/Off Ramp for Crypto Wallets Providers

Let your wallet users buy & sell crypto in seconds - no ID required.

Why Paybis for Crypto Wallets?

Extend your product’s capabilities with a web3 native team.

Industry Veteran

With one of the longest tenures in the crypto space (since 2014), we bring unmatched expertise and experience.

Buy in Seconds

No tedious KYC document submissions for small amounts. Your wallet users can top up crypto in seconds.

Global yet Local

Crypto wallet users can use their preferred local payment methods. With Paybis, global truly means local.

…and more!

5-Step Integration Blueprint

Easy to integrate. Easier to manage.


Reach out to the Paybis sales team


Undergo a brief compliance check


Discuss terms and sign an agreement


Connect the API and test it out


Go live and enhance your wallet's features

Benefits Beyond Conversions

Paybis-Driven Perks for Crypto Wallets

New Revenue Stream

Paybis lets you tap into users who need to buy or sell crypto. Every conversion brings revenue to your app.

Stay Free, Earn More

Even free products can be profitable. Keep your wallet free and earn from fiat-crypto conversions. 

Boost Retention

Keep everything under one roof by providing a complete ecosystem and retain more users

Easy User Expansion

Let Paybis manage technical and legal complexities, while you focus on growing your user base.

Branded Experience

Ensure a cohesive user experience without having to build conversion functionalities from scratch.

Single Login Flow

Avoid double authentication that dents user experience. Paybis ensures your users have a cohesive experience.

Our Clients

See who’s already using Paybis as an onramp solution

Supported cryptocurrencies

Paybis supoprts over 80 cryptocurrencies.
Have your own? Let’s list that too!

40+ Payment Options

Become a global business with a local footprint.
Leverage Paybis’ 40+ local payment options.


Building your own on-ramp from scratch comes with its own challenges.

How long is the integration process?

Typically, the process can be completed within a week, depending on the customization required. Sometimes, the integration takes as little as 2 days!

Do you offer any technical support post-integration?

Yes, we offer 24/7 technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will also assign an account manager whom you can contact for any assistance, reports, and more.

Are there any setup fees?

There are no initial setup fees. As a Paybis Partner, you will pay a small portion of the revenue you earn from the conversions. This fee can be as little as 0.49% depending on the deal.

What are the authorization rates for Paybis?

Authorization depends on several factors. With Paybis, you can expect some of the highest authorization rates in the industry — over 70% (depending on region).

Is Paybis on-ramp available for crypto wallets in Brazil, India, and Nigeria?

Yes. Paybis is available in those countries. We are actively working on adding more local payment options for people residing in Brazil, India, Nigeria, and other countries.

Is it possible to list our own tokens on Paybis on-ramp?

Yes. After a fast and diligent compliance check, it could be possible to list your token on Paybis.

Is there flexibility in fees based on customer turnover?

Yes. Based on your wallet’s customer turnover, Paybis can lower the fee levied on transactions. Hence, you will retain more revenue per customer.

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